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100 Years of ‘The Year of the Woman’

Peck’s headlines in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper, Nov. 3, 1912

A little over a week has passed since the 2012 presidential election, and news coverage abounds with discussion on women’s involvement in politics in “The Year of the Woman,” so I thought it fitting that my first post should highlight Peck’s participation in the political arena. Headlines this past week read, “How Women Ruled the 2012 Election and Where the GOP Went Wrong” and “Women in Politics Break Records in 2012.” Interestingly, these banners mirror news article titles from the 1912 Presidential Election: “Women Leap Suddenly into Political Favor” (New York Herald, Aug. 11, 1912) and  “Women in the Thick of PoliticalFight ” (New York Tribune, Aug. 14, 1912).
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